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Get Ready To Rage: The Epic Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 Is Coming

Bring me the Horizon Tour
Bring me the Horizon Tour | tripcolumn

Hardcore rock fans, get hyped! Britain’s kings of metalcore chaos Bring Me The Horizon have announced a massive world tour in 2024 in support of their latest album “Post Human: Survival Horror”. This isn’t just another concert – it’s a full-blown dystopian odyssey set to traverse countries and continents. So buckle up, mosh pit maniacs. Here’s everything you need to know about the can’t-miss live music spectacle that is the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024.

The Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 Itinerary: Plotting The Headbanging Journey

Bring me the Horizon Tour
Bring me the Horizon Tour | tripreviewhub

BMTH has outlined the first leg of their 2024 Bring Me The Horizon Tour, with dates across the UK and Europe confirmed so far. Here’s the itinerary on the books:

  • UK Dates: Kicking off in late January, the UK run hits major cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and London. Iconic venues like O2 Academy and Utilita Arena will be shaking with metal fury.
  • Europe Dates: The European leg of the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 runs from February to April, set to hit Germany, Russia, Italy, Belgium, and more. Start brushing up on your foreign language moshing vocab!
  • North America/Worldwide: While not yet confirmed, North American and worldwide dates for the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 typically follow the EU/UK legs for BMTH tours. Expect announcements soon for major cities across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Asia later in 2024.

Knowing BMTH’s explosive live energy, this is one tour you won’t want to miss! Check Ticketmaster, AXS, and local box offices regularly as Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 dates will sell out fast.

Wild Speculation: Decoding The Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 Setlist

BMTH is tight-lipped about the exact set details for the Bring Me The Horizon 2024. But based on recent shows and album cycles, we can expect:

  • New album focus: Cuts like “Parasite Eve”, “Obey”, and “Teardrops” from Post Human: Survival Horror is guaranteed to appear.
  • A career spanning: Legacy tracks like “Chelsea Smile”, “Drown”, and “Can You Feel My Heart” will get crowds screaming.
  • Fan favorites: Hits off Sempiternal, That’s The Spirit, and amo like “Shadow Moses”, “Throne” and “Nihilist Blues” seem very likely.
  • Surprises: BMTH loves to shock and throw in deep cuts. Expect b-sides and rarely played remixes throughout the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

No matter what, one thing is certain: the 2024 Bring Me The Horizon shows will be LOUD, BRUTAL, and will get your heart racing out of your chest. Do not miss this tour!

Supporting The Symphony Of Chaos: Bmth’s All-Star Opening Acts For The Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024

Bring me the Horizon Tour
Bring me the Horizon Tour | tripreviewhub

BMTH is bringing along top-tier talents to ensure mayhem from start to finish on the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024:

  • UK/EU: Metalcore masters Bad Omens and synth-pop siren Cassette kick things off across the UK/Europe for the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.
  • North America: Canadian prog-metal band Spiritbox and metalcore group Dying Wish will get crowds amped up and rowdy on the North American leg of the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

These killer openers will whip crowds into a frenzy before BMTH even takes the stage. Show up early and be ready to rage all night long at the Bring Me The Horizon 2024!

Why The Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 Is Essential For Fans

Beyond the mosh pits and eardrum-destroying riffs, the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 represents something greater for the BMTH community:

  • Cathartic, Primal Release

Get ready to release pent-up aggression and be elevated by the euphoric high of hardcore music. BMTH’s shows on the Bring Me The Horizon 2024 are primal therapy.

  • Immersive Experience

From blinding lights to roaring pyrotechnics, BMTH’s production value is unmatched. All your senses will be flooded at the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

  • Connecting with Fellow Fans

The BMTH fanbase is like family. You’ll forge bonds and friendships that last long after the encore of the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

  • Celebrating Outcasts

This is a haven for weirdos, rebels, and anyone who doesn’t fit the mainstream. Find your tribe at the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

  • The Live Power of BMTH

BMTH’s albums are intense. But their live energy takes things to another level entirely. Get your face melted at the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

The Evolution Of Bring Me The Horizon’s Tours

Bring me the Horizon Tour
Bring me the Horizon Tour | tripreviewhub

Bring Me The Horizon, the UK metalcore juggernauts, haven’t just crafted a sonic evolution through their albums; their live shows have mirrored their musical journey, morphing from chaotic mosh pits to theatrical spectacles, always pushing the boundaries of what a rock concert can be. Let’s buckle up and mosh through the years, reliving the defining moments of BMTH’s touring history:

  • Early Days: Sweat, Mosh, and Singalongs (2004-2009)

From basements to arenas: Starting in Sheffield pubs, BMTH quickly built a reputation for raw energy and brutal intensity. Early gigs were about building community, with Oli Sykes inciting mosh pits and screaming alongside fans. Tracks like “Chelsea Smile” and “Pray For Plagues” were anthems in the making, sung with raw passion in sweat-drenched venues.

  • Arena Anthems Solidify Metalcore Reign (2012-2014)

Tracks like “Run” and “Can You Feel My Heart” morphed into thunderous arena-wide singalongs during this era, cementing Bring Me The Horizon as dominating metalcore giants commanding the stage at major venues and festivals.

  • The World Stage Beckons (2014-2016)

Bring Me The Horizon expanded its domination worldwide, headlining festivals across the globe and selling out arenas everywhere from Europe to Australia. Their shows became grand, theatrical productions during this period, with Oli donning outlandish costumes and the stage transforming into dystopian landscapes. Anthemic tracks like “Drown” and “Throne” were bellowed in unison by thousands of unified voices.

  • Experimentation and Introspection (2017-2020)

With experimental albums like “Amo” and “That’s The Spirit”, BMTH embraced electronica and boundary-pushing sounds. Their live shows reflected this musical shift, incorporating DJ sets, atmospheric moods, and guest appearances. Crowds embraced the band’s new sound direction, dancing and headbanging along to songs like “Happy Song” and “Medicine.”

  • The Next Chapter: NX_GN WRLD (2024 and beyond)

The album “POSTHUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR” by BMTH ushers in a new era by fusing metalcore and electronic components. With dystopian imagery and narrative interwoven with aural mayhem, the 2024 “NX_GN WRLD” tour is billed as a genre-bending audiovisual spectacular. The futuristic, reality-blurring mosh pit trip is hinted at by new tunes like “Parasite Eve” and “Teardrops”

Outside The Mosh Pit

  • Which live BMTH memory is your favorite? Leave a comment with your story!
  • Which tour era from BMTH best connected with you? Talk about how they have evolved!
  • For the “NX_GN WRLD” tour, are you excited? Where do you intend to mope?

The experience of seeing one of BMTH’s live performances is proof of their ongoing development and commitment to pushing limits. Recall that this is only the beginning—there is always more to learn about Bring Me The Horizon’s mosh pit cosmos!

Tips For Conquering The Pit At The Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024

For first-timers or veteran fans, here are some pit survival tips for the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024:

  • Stay hydrated – raging is dehydrating work!
  • Pace yourself – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Conserve energy through the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.
  • Protect your hearing – earplugs let you keep enjoying shows for life.
  • Keep valuables secured – avoid losing phones/wallets in the chaos of the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.
  • Stick together – use the buddy system and look out for fellow fans at the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.
  • Follow etiquette – help up those who fall, and give people space if needed.
  • Let loose and go wild! This is your chance to unleash your inner rock god at the Bring Me The Horizon 2024.

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BMTH’s 2024 run on the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024 is just the start. Their ever-evolving sound and explosive shows prove that this band will be going strong for years to come. But for now, get ready for the sonic event of 2024! Rally your crew, grab tix, and prepare to get thrashed at the Bring Me The Horizon Tour 2024. Let’s riot! For more information visit Trip Column.


Is Bring Me the Horizon touring in 2024?
Yes, BMTH is embarking on a major world tour in 2024. They have announced legs across the UK, and Europe, and are expected to tour North America/Australia later in the year.
How old do you have to be to go to a Bmth concert?
For BMTH shows, you must be at least 14 to access general admission floors, and teens 14-15 can only enter with a chaperoning adult.
Is Bring Me the Horizon coming to Australia?
Specific tour dates for the Australia/North American legs have not been revealed yet. But BMTH makes it a priority to bring their live shows to major markets globally following UK/Europe tours. Australian fans can expect dates in mid-late 2024.

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