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Top Breathtaking And Recreational National Parks In Florida To Explore 

national parks in florida
national parks in florida

The city of Florida is one of the most dazzling, vibrant, and exotic cities in the world. There is no place like visiting Florida for sure. Whether nightlife or the daytime bustling city life there is something fun, entertaining, and exciting for each visitor. The city has an endless number of gems to offer to its visitors. The city offers multiple adventurous things to its visitors and one of the memorable things that one should try is exploring the breathtaking National Parks in Florida. 

Whether you are visiting the city for a business trip or simply visiting the city for a holiday trip these  parks in Florida will make a difference to your experience. The city is not just called the city of Sunshine for no reason. The national parks in Florida are proof of it! 

1. Things that make National parks in Florida Breathtaking 

Behind the outstanding beauty of National parks in Florida, there are a few things that set these national parks in Florida apart and something that is worth taking note of. 

  • Evergreen Ecosystems: The evergreen ecosystems are one of the reasons why these national parks in florida are enduring and timeless. The large greenery, tropical settings and the vast wetlands that set on the horizons all contribute to the serenity of the parks. This is not only suitable for wild creatures to reside but also for humans to take a moment and rejuvenate their perspectives. 
  • Lively WIldlife: Each of these national parks in Florida has been well maintained. Thus offering a sweet sanctuary to a wide variety of wildlife animals and birds. Most of these creatures are well preserved and one can always find endangered species as well. This exposure to wildlife animals and birds is inspiring for nature lovers. 
  • Topical beauty: Some of these national parks in florida have some of the best-isolated beauty which are located about 70 miles away from the main city. There are seven of these unique islands including Fort Jefferson and most of these islands are pristine and refreshing. These are quite a destination to explore in general. 
  • Rich Coral Reefs: One thing that will make the city of Florida a paradise is the presence of beautiful coral reefs. Make sure to take good notice of these coral reefs while visiting these national parks in Florida.
  • Water activities: Your trips are not likely completed without engaging in outdoor and water sports activities. Since some of the National parks in Florida are surrounded by beaches and islands there are multiple options for snorkelling and diving adventures with your friends. 

2. Top 5 National Parks in Florida that Are Worth Exploring 

1. Visit Everglades National Park 

This national park is widely known in the city. It’s located on the East Coast. What sets the national park apart is the gigantic mangroves, Flatwoods, and lush marshes set on the horizon will leave you speechless. From Miami, it’s an hour’s drive to the park. It’s suitable for both family and solo visitors alike. The national park is also home to a lot of endangered species such as West Indian Manatee, Florida Panthers, and American Alligator. 

These are some common wild creatures to admire. If you want to get the best of the park try an airboat ride to get the best view of the park. 

2. Must-Visit Dry Tortugas National Park 

If you have been in the city you might have heard about Dry Tortugas National Park for sure. The park is well-preserved and it’s made up of seven small islands that offer some of the best natural landscape views. Plus if you are into water activities the park offers the possibility of snorkelling and diving experience! 

Since the national park is only made up of 1% land there are sure to be a lot of water activities to do at the park. The never-ending horizontal view of the sea is breathtaking. The crystal clear water and purest white sand for sunbathing all will add to your memorable experience for sure.

3. Must-visit Biscayne National Park

Must-visit Biscayne National Park
Must-visit Biscayne National Park

What will set this national park apart is the surrounding crystal clear water and the entire park is just underwater! Yes, and more to that the preserved coral reefs, islands, and serene shorelines are some gems of the national park. Set your eyes on it and you may never feel like leaving the place. 

There are opportunities for water activities such as scuba diving, kayak riding, and snorkelling are some adventures to look out for. Moreover, get ready to be amazed by the wildlife creatures, fish, endangered sea turtles, manatees, and different species of birds that make Biscayne National Park unique. 

4. Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve 

If you are specifically into the wildlife century and wildlife, one of the must-visit national parks in Florida is Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve. The park is located on the Atlantic side of the state of Florida. One can easily get carried away by the preservative nature of the natural beauty, the evergreen wetlands and lush salt marshes all contribute to the awesome beauty of the park. 

5. Big Cypress National Preserve 

Nestled inside the coronary heart of Florida’s wild embrace, Big Cypress National Preserve is a well-preserved park full of lush sawgrass and cypress bushes, in which the river of grass whispers stories of ancient splendour. Here, nature orchestrates a symphony of harmony and wildlife highlights a canvas of untouched serenity. Under the sizable sky, elusive panthers prowl, while resilient orchids bloom in hidden hammocks. Suitable for all types of visitors and the best place for photographers to capture some sweet moments of the wildlife. One of the must-visit National parks in Florida  

3. Top things that you should do in the City of Florida 

1. Stroll Through St. Augustine’s Timeless Streets

Step back in time as you wander via the cobblestone streets of St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. The fragrance of blooming bougainvillaea mingles with the sea breeze as Spanish colonial architecture tells stories of centuries beyond. Explore the narrow alleys where pirates roamed and stood in the shadows of history very well draped in Spanish moss. In St. Augustine, history is not just preserved; it comes alive, whispering memories of conquistadors, explorers, and the resilient spirit of a bygone generation.

2. Artistic Odyssey in Wynwood Walls

Venture into the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, where each wall is a canvas and each step is a brushstroke in the city’s masterpiece. Wynwood Walls is a kaleidoscope of colours, a labyrinth of street art that transcends barriers and transforms concrete into a gallery without walls. Get ready to get carried away with the colourful strokes and ambitious expressions that make Wynwood an ever-evolving testament to the power of inventive freedom. It’s no longer only a neighbourhood; it’s a living canvas ready to leave you inspired. 

3. Moonlit Serenade on Key West

As the evening unfolds inside the southernmost tip of the continental U.S., meander alongside the historic streets of Key West. Follow the gentle glow of lanterns to Mallory Square, wherein the solar bids a fiery farewell and road performers usher within the nighttime. This evening’s sight will leave you amazed. 

Board a sunset cruise, in which the ocean will become a canvas for the final act of the day. The moonlight paints the waters in silver colours, and the distant sounds of live tracks glide from waterfront bars. In Key West, the night is a symphony, and you’re invited to enrol in the celestial dance underneath the stars. If you are travelling as a couple this could be romantic! 

4. Miami Beach 

Miami Beach 
Miami Beach

Well, the winter cold may be a bit of a hindrance to your adventure but nothing beats the sweet breeze of Miami Beach! The beach is packed throughout the year and always ready to welcome its visitors with open arms. Make sure to take a delightful evening walk and observe the beautiful sunset that hits the horizon softly. 

5. Walk Disney World Resort 

One of the best places to be for the families after exploring National parks in Florida. There are simply no words to describe the joy of exploring the exotic theme park and the lively vibes of the place that will leave you stunned and blessed. Multiple exciting rides for that must-try if you are visiting the place. 

Especially if you are travelling with your kids or in a group this place has an abundance of things to do. 

6. Florida Cuisines 

Beyond expectation is something that individuals should look forward to, If you are a foodie or into exploring international cuisines Florida is known to have some amazing dishes to try out. The local markets and street food vendors are some spotlights for delightful cuisines. If you are looking for luxury dining Florida does have some world-class dining restaurants as well. 

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There are a few recommended things that travellers and people on a vacation trip in Florida can do. Apart from exploring National parks in Florida, a handful of things for people who are in the city should do. But for a lifetime experience and to get away from bustling city life into the world of natural beauty, National parks in Florida are some heavenly places to be at.

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How many national parks are in Florida?
Florida has three major national parks: Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, and Dry Tortugas National Park. Apart from these parks,- there are eight separate national parks in Florida making it a total of 11 national parks.
What are the major national parks in Florida?
Everglades National Park
Biscayne National Park
Dry Tortugas National Park
What National Park in Florida is considered to be the biggest?
The Everglades National Park is considered to be the biggest since the park protects most parts of the Everglades in Florida. The park is also known to have the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. 

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